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Soaking up the overcast sky

Yesterday afternoon kikibird and runstaverun came over. They brought beer, runstaverun and I had margaritas. We climbed up on to my roof, and enjoyed the perfect weather. Later on periol came over, bringing some Ibby's that I still owe him money for. No board games, no card games, no video games. Just laying back and chatting. It was a wonderful time.

After periol left for a party, kikibird and runstaverun tried to convince me to visit Artie Lange. He lives in the opposite corner of the_boke, they wanted me to show up at his apartment complex with a bottle of Jack and try to hang out with him. But I feel asleep!

It was a fun evening.

This wednesday, sports event of the century! Be there or be a square peg in a round hole.

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