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A challenge to you funny book readers!

Listen up _yggdrasil, madolan, dickardo, and the rest of you funny book readers.

There's a graphic novel I was obsessed with many years ago, that I used to read all the time. Back when my mother and first stepfather were looking for a new gaming group in the Woodbridge area, they came across the regulars at Comic Relief in downtown Woodbridge. There was Scoop, Scott Souza, the gypsies who lived with my mother years later, and so on. Over the many years to come I'd play AD&D with them, GM GURPS for them, and enjoy many other fun pencil and paper evenings. We'd play in the back room of the comic store, or over people's houses. The nights where we played at the comic store, if I wasn't involved with that campaign, I'd often read comic books or play the arcade games. The manager of the store, one of the ``gypsies'', would often give me a roll of quarters to waste. Usually I'd just play Ralph in Rampage all night.

There was one graphic novel I read a few times. Not as moving for me as Wolverine, Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One, and many others. But a nice little story. I was probably somewhere between nine and thirteen at the time, placing this in the late eighties, early nineties at the latest.
Do you have that one with the guy who was in that movie that was out last year?
It started with a pair of kids, I think brothers, with an abusive household. I think an angry punk girl was around, but she might have been introduced later. Wanting to escape their horrible lives, they leave for another world, possibly on a spaceship. This dark world is full of horrible creatures and adventures, I think including the angry female becoming a giant angry young punk. The page numbers were often doing odd things, like copulating or mugging each other. The name of the novel was something along the lines of ``Dark City'' or ``Sin City'' or ``Dark World'', but I know it was none of those. The art had a similar feel to the Cyberpunk pencil and paper books (before it was renamed Cyberpunk 2020 (wow does that year seem laughably close now)). I know I'm not giving you a lot to go on here, but I'm hoping one of you would remember it. I've asked a couple of the fanboys and fangirls I know, but to no avail.

Speaking of dickardo, I enjoyed Quiznos and Maggie Moo's with him, agent179, and jenniever tonight. It's a tasty and unhealthy tradition I'm developing with drewuniversity people over the years.

Yay for free money!

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