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HEY STAVE!!!11oneoneeleven

Attention runstaverun! There is a new dungeon in KoL that was made for you and you alone! I bribed Jick and Mister Skullhead! Really!

You encounter a chest full of meat
Unguarded, which is pretty neat
So you hastily croak
A bad "meaty chest" joke
Hork the meat, and discretely beat feet.

You gain 30 Meat.
A witch, in the Dark Arts astute
Quickly transforms you into a newt
But soon you get better
And write a stern letter
That threatens her with a lawsuit.

You gain 4 Smarm.
To your battle skills all should give deference,
(or at least, that would be your preference),
But this goblin is crass
So you hand him his ass
With a witty old pop culture reference.

You gain 5 Sarcasm.
A vampire, ancient and mean
Tries to polish you to a high sheen
But you, being tougher
Slay the vampire buffer
A pun on which no one's too keen.

You gain 6 Mysteriousness.
An insatiable maiden quite foxy
Proves a difficult test of your moxie
So you summon a Djinn
Well-versed in carnal sin
And seduce the young vixen by proxy.

You gain 6 Smarm.
So you meet this gelatinous cube,
and it roars "I'll absorb you, you rube!"
You: "We'll see about that!"
as you hammer it flat,
and end up with a puddle of lube.

You gain 4 Muscleboundness.
You encounter an unpleasant satyr
Who is a renowned playa' hater
But you convince him he's wrong
Through an argument long
And prove you're a master debator.

You gain 5 Sarcasm.

So go check it out, sir!

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