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Back from the Wilderness

Spent the weekend camping with my sweetie, her cousin, and his girlfriend. Tons of fun, her first time camping, hopefully something we'll do again.

Left work Friday, and met up with her at my place. I had lost my key (I put it on her car, and thought I told her it was there... whoops), but luckily my roomie Erin let us in. We brought the leftover booze from the social gathering, which was good, as we went through all of the beers and a good portion of the hard liquor while camping. After getting everything into her car, we trucked down to the campsite with her family pup, Katie. I love Katie... she's a very intelligent cuddly affectionate amazing little muffinhead. She sat in my lap, asking for water, urination time, and cuddling quite clearly when those needs came up. We got the tent that we borrowed from aforementioned roomie set up, and had just polished dinner off when her parents came up to kidnap Katie for the weekend down at my sweetie's sister's house. After they left we were up playing Rumikub (one of my sweetie's favorite games).

The next day we did some hiking, wandering all over the peninsula. My sweetie made some wonderful french toast, and her cousin's girlfriend made some bacon to fuel us for the day, and I was a dickhead and drank all the water for my sweetie and I during the hike. I left the container half-filled with ice, but no water. She kept on turning it down when I offered, and I finished it before I noticed how fast it was going. We headed into the local town, and grabbed some ice cream. On our way back to the site, we saw a fox. A fox! My, you never would have guessed, favorite animal in the world. It was sitting in a ditch by the ranger station, looked at us for a bit, and scratched its jaw cutely. We had a huge amazing dinner, from ribs to baked pinto beans to corn on the cob to jerk flavored grilled veggies. We made s'mores, and slept. My sweetie took an allergy pill, and was wiped out. At some point late at night, a raccoon got into the gazebo her parents brought up for us and tore out and open the graham cracker box. It devoured the crackers right next to our heads, right outside our tent. Her cousin came out, scared it off, but it returned for a second round before leaving again.

The next morning we got to zip around the water on a motorboat. I was incredibly proud of my sweetie, who is afraid of non-pool water. Ironic for a swim coach/swimmer, but a very real fear for her. We got into a little rickety boat, and zipped about the river. At one point a huge tugboat created some major wake, and we even caught some air a few times in a row. She was nervous, but handled it well. I'm so proud of her. It was a hazy day, though we didn't know about the fires yet. We could make out the opposite side of the river, but not into a cove on the other side or far down the river. We spent a little over two hours on the water, which was a ton of fun.

She even let me get Roy Rogers on the car ride home, from the rest stop in Delaware! Yay! All in all, a wonderful weekend. We saw the fox, tons of deer, and had a great time. I think her cousin and his girlfriend are great, and I'm glad they invited us along for the trip. My sweetie handled the trip well, and really enjoyed it. I'd love to do it with her again soon. And while I get devoured by the bugs as usual, it wasn't so bad this weekend. We picked the right time to leave, the prior two days her cousin and his girlfriend suffered through the unbearable heat... we came just as it got reasonably cool.

Today my new boss and old bosses returned from vacation. I took minutes at the meeting, but it looks like that won't be for long, as there were tons of applications for my replacement. Tons. Piles and piles of resumes, and supposedly a good chunk of it for my old position. Hopefully someone will take it despite the salary. I'm already writing something up for them, tips and tricks and general advice.

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