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Re: RE: Re: RE: Fourth of July

My sweetie had a few of our friends over her place the night of the third. aaronkliger, Feff, Stave, Towel Boy, Amy, chiquib, her SO, etc. Her mother had gotten her a ton of patriotic shirts to celebrate the fourth as an apology, and we all ended up wearing them at one point. So as more people arrived, they were greeted by the lot of us in various festive shirts... My sweetie and I wearing white shirts with glittery butterflies forming a flag, aaronkliger wearing a shirt proposing people volunteer and help out, etc. Feff made his famous pecan pie, Towel Boy and Amy brought fruit, my sweetie made her amazing guacamole, and we all had burgers. Even chiquib and her SO Filipe had garden burgers. Tons of fun, good conversations, even some music and dancing.

The next day, Stave slept until three or four while my sweetie and I watched bad movies. What better way to celebrate the nation's birth than watching the ending of "Dude, Where's my Car?", "Batman and Robin", and various other quality flicks? Aaron stopped by on his way to Coakley's party, and I drove Stave home after we had some sushi.

Of course, the invite for the party caused a major stir. My sweetie doesn't spend as much time being a geek as I do, so she's not well versed in BCC'ing people. Plus plenty of the people she invited use hotmail, which trash mail that you're BCCd to as an attempt to stave of spam. So, much like back in college, the list ended up talking to each other... degenerating into crap. Someone replied to everyone, as obviously everyone HAD to know he was able to attend. Then someone else.... and someone Goatse'd the list, and people just started getting nasty. And being fools. Just like back in college, with the Mr. Box mailing list, or the Funny Quote mailing list.

I'd like to respond to everyone. I'd like to point out how stupidly elitist some are being, mocking other people's e-mail providers. Sorry, but if I'd make fun of their addresses (they don't live on Park Avenue), their cars (they don't drive Jaguars or Rolls), their clothing (they don't wear Gucci), or their social lives (they don't summer in the Hamptons), I'd be an elitist fucking prick. Yet people I normally love and respect mock others for having hotmail or AOL. Real open-minded and non-judgmental there. Then there's fuckwits who feel the need to respond to the whole list with babble. And there's people who take it waaaay too seriously, replying to everyone urging that people stop replying to everyone, quoting internet etiquette. Here's a lesson in internet etiquette... if you'd like people to stop doing something, don't do it yourself! Don't feed the trolls! Don't fuel the flame! If you'd like the little spastic inbred monkeys on crack to stop replying to each other, REPLY TO THEM, not to EVERYONE, or you'll just MAKE IT WORSE! Don't mock others for being foolish and then pull a Wilson yourself. Jeez.

Everyone needs to just lighten the fuck up, not overreact to each other, and still respect each other. Whaaa. Yeah, people should BCC. Yeah, people should not reply to everyone. Yeah, people should follow their own fucking advice. Yeah, people should cool off. Yeah, people are just children. I feel like I'm eighteen again.

Anyway, my sweetie and I are off to spend the weekend camping with her cousin in Maryland. Should be fun.

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