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Uther is my bitch

More Warcraft III fun. The Orc witchdoctor unit has Iron Chef humor in its quotes. Much fun. I'm still almost done with the undead missions.

So Friday was a random night.... a bunch of college friends, including three of Drew's rejected children (myself included), all hanging out. A simple assortment of former roomies and friends, and their current girlfriends. I had a wonderful time, tons of great conversations, and I know I missed out on over half of them. Not to mention missing out on desecrating Aaron's abode, and missing out on watching my girlfriend go through all of the stages I went through towards someone else over a couple of weeks, just in one night.
Aaron's a good host. He should do that again sometime soon. And I still can't use Mountain Dew in a drink, over three years after I destroyed the Riker first floor bathroom.

Saturday I helped my sweetie with lawn work in the morning, and she helped me organize my old office in the evening. We cleaned up EVERYTHING. Every Pokemon, box, magazine, and piece of paper.... All put into five piles:
    Crap I need to leave around for my replacement.
    Crap I need to file/look at/take care of for my replacement.
    Crap I need to throw out.
    Crap I need to take home.
    Crap I need to take to my new office.
    Crap I need to take a look at immediately.
The garbage pile was by far the largest... We had tossed bags of crap out by the end of the night. The various piles became boxes, and were carted off to my car or left on flat surfaces... except for the second pile. Which ended up growing. I felt that I hadn't done filing right when I first got hired, not being sure about account codes, so I started dumping files out. While we were excellent about organizing and sorting everything else, the POs and LPOs and invoices and packing slips drove her crazy, causing her to insist that I leave at once and take her to get sushi. The sushi was wonderful, and she even agreed to try the Pikachu roll. She hates Pokemon, but she loves me.

So that big pile is actually still not done. I need to do it this week. My office looks cleaner yet messier than it did. All of the shelves, surfaces, and areas are clean.... Things are put into drawers, the general clutter is all gone. But there's a huge pile of papers smack dab in the middle of the floor, with post-it notes from her attempt at helping me. She's so amazing.

This week was the first week of my time as a salaried employee. Got to play with a demo system, throwing our various software packages on it and testing it out. Got to help a few people, work on a computer, and even watch over the desk today. I feel useful, if incompetent at times. Like the time I helped someone get a ghost file over the phone, not realizing they were using a different program to restore a computer until after they had returned to the Aide Station. I suxx0rs. But I'll learn.

The ads for my replacement and another position start this week. Already, today, the second, there's a huuuuuuuuuge pile of letters that look like applications on my old boss's/new boss's boss's chair. All postmarked for yesterday. People sure as hell work fast. The horrible crappy job market should work in our favor.

So I've been busy this week... talking to co-workers, learning, etc. I like it.

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