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Jenni's never seen Revenge of the Nerds

Had a weird dream this morning. I remember jenniever going off to brunch. I remember her dropping off french toast for me. I remember her noting that it was eleven. But I wasn't awake until 11:30, right after the dream ended.

There were lots of ski trips going on. With jenniever. For some reason, on two ski trips, I didn't want to ski until the last day, when something went wrong and I was unable to ski. The third trip, a few of my friends were with us, and there was this gorgeous long ski run that I wanted to try. But when I was ready to ski, she didn't want to go, and I was being a real dick to her for some reason. Being nasty about the amount of money I wasted not knowing that I wouldn't get to ski, and so on.

So I was back at my father's house in Green Street, where I haven't been since 1999 and haven't lived at since 1996. My stepmother was there, though she kept on being more and less like easydamsel as time went on. I was upset with her, but wanted to apologize for being an asshole to her. I was looking out at the backyard, at the carriage house, at the rose garden, and down the driveway. An jeep arrived, pulled down the driveway, and turned into the apron at the end. It slowed near the end of the apron, then kept on going on to the grass by the bowl that horses used to drink out of a century ago. I thought it might be one of the skiers regrouping, waiting for everyone else to return. Then I thought the person was going to be calling over to the old Masonic Temple that bordered the property, yelling over to get someone's attention. But after looking over to the old temple's parking lot, he returned to the middle of the lot. I was debating whether or not to yell at him, when he whipped it out and started peeing in the old fountain at the rear of the rose garden. I opened up the window, hoping that he wouldn't see where I was exactly. I yelled out, ``HEY!'' He looked up, and saw me. My stepmother/easydamsel was in my father's dressing room, hanging up layers from the bridal outfit that she was wearing earlier. I pulled out a digital camera, and started snapping shots of the guy's license plate, vehicle, and himself once he got decent. Another vehicle showed up, and a shifty looking person exchanged things with the person who arrived before making a quick exit. Then the five-oh showed. The first person shot the cop, and started making an exit. I called for my stepmother, and pointed out the dead cop.

For some reason, we went down to the driveway, and let him talk us into getting in his car. Odd. So we drove with him, heading east at first. We went to Port Reading or Perth Amboy, I'm not entirely sure. Soon after leaving, we picked up a young female, who did most of the talking. On the way she kept on checking a lined paper notepad, revealing how much she knew about us, and asking further questions. She said that my stepmother/easydamsel was in phone marketing/sales, and offered her an additional line of credit. It seemed that they were supporting some militant mission of economic justice/equality or some shit. The guy bragged at some point that he had a great alibi, as he could say he was in a college class. He didn't realize that I had shots of his license plate, him standing over the dead officer, and so forth. I remember worrying that the shots didn't come out through the wire mesh, yet seeing that I could make out the license plate. Hell, I even remembered it when I retold the dream to jenniever twenty minutes after waking up. 1S7-some other stuff I can't remember now or some shit.

So they took us back to their headquarters in Perth Amboy/Port Reading. We got out of the vehicle, and I was looking for an opportunity to break away, but didn't want to leave my stepmother/easydamsel behind. We went down a dark hallway with them, they were extremely paranoid, and went in first to make sure everything was kosher. Luckily, at this point, my stepmother/easydamsel suggested we book it. So I ran as long and as far as I could, taking back roads and trying to stay off from a route they'd take, until I woke up.

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