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His name was Robert Paulson

Ok, I'm not going to yank the old entry.

Anyway, my car was still leaking coolant like crazy, so while my sweetie and I were at her job, we decided to take her car just in case. So I raced back to my place, and back to her job. We left when we could, and had a nice easy drive down to DC. We found our way around and met up with ogun quite easily. He's an awesome guy in real life, as I suspected. As I said earlier, they chatted away through dinner, ice cream, and the walks around the area. He mapped out his current relationships on the back of my business card, it was a scary mess of lines and initials. He really needs to map it all out on a sheet of paper and scan it. My sweetie really thought he was great, and told me he could have her e-mail addy/journal addy and talk to her whenever he wants.

Then we couldn't find her car. For hours we wandered, making circles through the small area. Finally we gave up, and found the car driving about with her sister. As I said.

The pool the next day was fun. A diving pool, a lap pool, a play pool, and a kiddie pool. I 'fell' a couple of times, as I can't really dive. Watched my sweetie dive nice and straight though. Towards the end all three of us couples were in the lap pool, playing around and having a great time. A few people were sitting near us, having an entertaining conversation that a few of us were rolling our eyes at. They discussed various things, from spoon bread to household politics. After that we ate at her sister/brother-in-law's place, and had an enjoyable evening.

The next morning we were debating where to go, until my sweetie's sister found a berry picking place that had goats in the sky. Goats in the sky. That made the decision, so we drove the hours down to NoVa to see the goats and gather fruit. They had a series of little narrow walkways up to platforms, where a couple of goats were standing far above our heads. Absolutely amazing. Goats.... over your head. The blueberries, raspberries, and black raspberries were fairly sparse. The blackberries, however, were so ripe they were just about falling off into your hands. We spent the day picking in the sun, which was fun despite the heat and sun.

That night we had some berries and ice cream for dessert. My sweetie and I took a night tour of the monuments. As always, I could spend all night at the Jefferson Memorial.

The next morning we went to museums, but some confusion and disagreement prevented us from hitting as much as we wanted to. We sprinted through the first lady exhibit at the Smithsonian, which was well done and detailed. After they all closed, we toured a couple of amazing outdoor sculpture gardens and a little garden path. My sweetie's sister picked us up, and we all had dinner at this amazing restaurant. We even had spoon bread there, bringing the vacation full circle. After that we had some great ice cream at a cow-themed place, and we left for Jersey. The ride back was easy, with minimal traffic and construction.

This week has been very busy at work. I've been beating all of the various vendors into submission, making sure we pay them before the books get closed. It's been going slowly, but it looks like it'll all be taken care of on time for once. Then all I need to do is clean up my office, pack up all of my paperwork, and prepare for the new position.

Warcraft III has been tons of fun when I get a chance over the past couple of weeks. I loved the Fight Club reference in the game. Plus tons of Panda references. I'll definately purchase it when I can do so legally.

My car's back at Tommy's, hopefully getting fixed for real this time, no more leaks.

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