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I'm at work, I've been wanting to come in since I read periol's cry for help at 2:48 PM. At 7:30, I finally got here with pizza and soda for the brave CHOPS. periol (has been here since 1 PM, handling this rush by himself for a while), mineral2, dickardo, jenniever (who has been up since 4 AM and biked over forty miles today), xypher, windexcowboy, oidhche, and others without journals are all here hard at work.

Sadly, as much as this sucks, as much as it pains me to see a large crowd of students outside of the desk having their machines patched, this is kind of fun in a way. It's nice to be productive, it's nice to have a little crisis to overcome. It's nice to figure out new things (holy shit the classroom machines!) and take care of the fires. Sometimes I thrive on situations like this. As much as I wish the campus didn't get hit so badly with Sasser.B, it's great to work with these dedicated students and fix things with them.

Yeah, I'm a sucker.

So yeah, yay for Sasser fucking B hitting the campus in a big way THE DAY BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES! Best time ever to hit it! Yay for all these students who have papers to get done and projects due tomorrow!

Back to work...

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