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I Believe!

I was napping on jenniever's bed, after she stole some food from the First Annual Picnic for me. Some bands were playing, usual FAP/tent weekend crap. Well, I guess more of the former, as the latter really hasn't existed since soon after I became a staff member at drewuniversity. And the former's a shell of its former self, at least in my bitter glazed eyes.

So they got Blessid Union of Souls to play FAP this year. All well and good. So jenniever woke me up so we could go watch them out of a Hoyt window. Decent sized crowd, really into it, they were about half done with their set.

It seems that the years have not been kind to the band, as they're now a cover band. Sure, we got to hear a stirring emotional solo version of ``I Believe''. And, of course, they played ``Hey Leonardo'' (the she likes me for me song). But it wasn't just their songs. Oh no. They played about thirty seconds of ``Sweet Home Alabama'', the first couple minutes of ``Bohemian Rhapsody'', ``Revolution'', the last minute of ``Bohemian Rhapsody'' later on in the evening... oh my. The clincher, the absolute saddest moment, was when they played ``I Believe'' AGAIN. I remember watching a special on one hit wonders on television, Europe being a prime example due to them playing ``Final Countdown'' twice during a concert. Holy shit, they've got plenty of albums, yet they played ``I Believe'' TWICE. The latter half of the second showing of their hit was done with reggae stylings, but still, we heard it already. They played some other covers and originals, but jenniever won't tell me the names of the songs and insists on making out with me instead.

Most of the songs there wasn't really much room left for the band, as over a dozen coeds were crammed on to the small stage. Dancing through a couple of songs, sitting during others, and even just standing for some. Crowd surfing? Oh no. They gently slid off the stage. Do these kids no longer know how to party? Do these kids not know how to rock? I know we're not supplying them with rocking material, but seriously! I weep!

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