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Movie night

Keeping up the proud tradition of andamaroo:

periol, jenniever, _yggdrasil, and others who might want to come who don't smell (unless it's garlic), don't forget. Today, 6:45-7:00, behind Riker. Movie starts at 7:20. We must speed like crazy fiends.

And now, that poll that everyone took before someone made a website to do it easily:
Abortion?:Should be legal, should happen more often. Would solve many problems on this little rock.
Death Penalty?:Our penal system is fucked. We don't really rehabilitate, we don't really prepare them or give them a life after prison. But I have a hard time supporting the death penalty.
Prostitution?:Should be legal, with strict regulations regarding disease and protection (condoms and security).
Alcohol?:Abused, poison, dangerous. But it tastes good and I've enjoyed it socially. Great, if you know moderation.
Marijuana?:Should be legal. Taxed to hell, regulated, but legal. Less dangerous than tobaccy or liquor, and we're not going to win the war on drugs.
Other drugs?:Should be legal, taxed to hell, regulated. Most deaths from cocaine are due to impurities. Fund treatment and anti-drug programs with the tax on the drugs themselves.
Gay marriage?:Hi, Church. Get the fuck away from State. Thanks. Should be legal, of course.
Illegal immigrants?:Our immigration policies aren't that strict compared to many western countries. I see no problem with them.
Smoking?:Legal, regulated, taxed to hell... oh wait, that's already happening. Good job.
Drunk driving?:Make the legal age to drink 18, legal age to drive 21. Problem solved.
Cloning?:All for it. How else will I survive a day with the KiNGs on the streets?
Racism?:Stupid, ignorant, foolish. I hate people based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin.
Premarital sex?:All for it. Good idea. You don't want to sign a lease without a test drive, right?
Religion?:Agnostic for the most part.
The war in Iraq?:Opposed to it.
Bush?:Should be impeached for some of the actions being revealed lately.
Downloading music?:Should be legal for rarities, things out of print, and live shows. Should be illegal otherwise, except for poor-quality or short versions.
The legal drinking age?:See above. Drop it, let people get it out of their system.
Porn?:All for it. Tighter disease regulations as a law instead of a standard, maybe.
Suicide?:Went through that phase. Then I turned seventeen.

What is your stand on..... brought to you by BZOINK!
caniswolfie brought Bawls. All hail caniswolfie!

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