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Still in DC

Will return to Jersey tomorrow night. Having an absolute fucking blast. My sweetie and I met ogun on Saturday night, which was wonderful. He's an amazingly cool guy in real life. I was afraid that my sweetie and he wouldn't have anything to talk about, as that's been a problem with us meeting CS'ers in the past. But I was actually the quiet one most of the night. We went to a great sushi place, and they drooled over cute guys together out the window. We had ice cream at a really cool little place, and ran into a couple having their second date... years after their first. After he left, we went back to her car. Three or so hours later. We couldn't find her car. We walked around DuPont Circle for two hours, her sister came to get us, and we finally found her car after another hour or so of searching.

The next day my sweetie and I went to a county pool with her sister, brother-in-law, cousin, and her cousin's girlfriend. Afterwards her brother-in-law's sister joined us at her sister's place for a barbeque. Tons of fun.

And today her sister went with us to go berry picking. So I'm exhausted, tired, and we've got tons and tons of blackberries, black raspberries, raspberries, and blueberries. The blackberries were just jumping into our hands.

And I should go into more detail tomorrow and eat now. Expect this to be yanked and re-written.

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