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Diet Dr. Pepper tastes more like diarrhea than regular Dr. Pepper!

So, as I said a week and a half ago, I was having Easter with jenniever's family. I impressed her mother terribly by showing up with chilled white wine and room temperature red wine. I'm no madolan, but I'm no fool. Got to meet aforementioned parental unit, her boyfriend, and her parents. jenniever's grandfather showed up with a copy of the Encyclopedia of New Jersey, which he had done a few entries in. I need to pick a copy of that up soon, though its information about FISHPACK W had some major holes. No mention of the famous Woodbridge clay pits, bricks, raceway, or other events since 1669. Her grandmother was hilarious.
Kingfox (1:04:09 PM): Hi, I'm Russell, it's very nice meeting you.
Grandmother (1:04:15 PM): How do you know?
The mid-day meal itself was wonderful, as were the post-dinner cordials and desserts. Her grandfather cornered me with tons of computer questions, which was fun, as they were intelligent and insightful compared to the usual, ``My computer don't get AOL no more, what's wrong?'' I enjoyed chatting with her mother's boyfriend and grandfather. After dessert jenniever laid down in her bed, while I laid on her perpendicularly, my legs hanging off the bed while I read a book. We ended up both passing out for some time, as we had been out late the night before.

I can't really remember much else exciting happening since then. Baseball with petemagyar, working out with him, eating hot dogs on the lawn behind BC with jenniever today, seeing Jersey Girl with her last weekend (viewaskew fans who haven't seen it yet really sadden me, it's a great fucking flick), enjoying a lovely spring day with her, running into mrfantasy with wife and baby, seeing epic47 again, and getting a hot dog for runstaverun. I've been playing more UT2k4, KoL, and reading.

This weekend jenniever and I are going up to some narrative conference in Vermont. Should be fun, there's some interesting shit, like computer games as narrative.

So, many moons ago, I dropped a name in a post. Said name found it on an egosearch, and is also on LJ. skagirlie, who I haven't seen since one visit in 1st or 2nd grade, who I went to preschool and kindergarten with. So we haven't really talked for twenty years out of our quarter century on this rock. One moment we're talking about Star Wars and He-Man, the next moment she's dropping the F-bomb in my journal. Totally fucking random. We're how far removed from the people we were back then? Insane.

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