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Grrr. Nothing like dropping off your car for repairs, wiping out your bank account, only to have it almost overheat a few days later. Yeah, the radiator got fixed, the coolant tank replaced, and now it can empty itself in a day. Tommy thinks it is just a hose, my wallet hopes he is right... Sincerely hopes he is right. Hope it's fixed today so my sweetie and I can go to DC. It'll be cool to finally meet ogun. And I always love spending time with her sister/brother-in-law/cousin. Not to mention how I love going places with her. Plus I get to see her face light up as the pretty pretty pandas play.

I love CS players making in character web pages for their characters. Some really are quite characters.

This is quite cool and creative. Major kudos to the hacker.

Yesterday I did one of the duties of my new position, watching over the Aide Station. First time doing it, and I feel like a total moron as I fail to log in to the machine. Get the person I'm replacing on the phone, get windexcowboy on the phone, and figure out that the workstation manager isn't working. He's in a new position, and was helping me anyway. The people responsible for the system were in a meeting, and we couldn't figure out the problem. Reboot, and everything was fine. The computer's main user called, gave me the admin password, and I fixed things up further. But for a moment there, I felt like an utter fool. All the non-computer work I had to do, I couldn't bring to that office and do, so I needed to log in to get any actual work done.

The person I'm replacing pointed at me and made the Nelson "Ha-ha!" laugh at me watching the Aide Station. I showed him that I was doing data entry into AIMS at the same time, and got a double-Nelson.

A new member of njfreaks is friends with two girls that I knew.. and was the first to `know' in that sense... And participates in an event that more than a half-dozen of my lovers back in high school ended up participating in. A friend of mine dubbed it the "We fucked Russell Sprague Club", and this state is way too small.

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