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Credit card fraud is bad, mmmkay?

An unnamed co-worker of mine, the one who really needs to get a LJ and doesn't have one, has always been telling people to check their banking online often. It's been a habit of mine for some time now anyway, in my usual rounds of checking things out online. So I noticed late last week a couple of charges over five hundred dollars. Contacted my bank, was given a merchant number to call. Called AMC (the vendor), they promised to look into it. They were amazed at the amount. Was told by my bank that I could do no more until the transaction is posted. They posted yesterday, and I called yesterday to dispute them both. The helpful customer service representitive was amazed at the amount considering the vendor, and joked that someone sure invited a lot of their friends to the movies. This means I get a new ATM/debit card. This means that a number of bills that automatically pay from my debit card need to be fixed, and I'm waiting for them to send me a card in the mail to do just that. Bleh. Last time they tried to send me a card, it took months for them to get it right. I cannot afford to have that happen again.

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