☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

What kind of quiz taker are you?

Much in the vein of noelr's quiz that I posted back in November of 2002, assfingers and graye have made a similar quiz. Don't tell them that they did it seventeen months after it already appeared on their friends page. Shhhh.

You're a Quiz-Taker in Rehab!

Like the junky that goes for years without taking a hit and then goes out one day and shoots up with his heroin buddies when things get rough, you're a classic example of the occasional relapse.

By and large, you've kicked the habit, or you never had it to begin with, but you rarely ever demean yourself by taking quizzes and everyone thanks you for it. However, on rare occasion you can be seen capitulating and smearing crap wantonly around the internet, and this is not something that should be encouraged.

We like your thoughts, opinions, stories and actual content. We don't give a great, heaving fuck whether or not you're an ice elf running around in goddamned magic tights. So please, do us all a favour, and stay away from the quizzes. Nobody needs them, least of all you.

Think about the kids.
What Kind of Quiz Taker Are You?
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