☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Crazy weekend

Took a long nap earlier today, so of course now I'm wide awake.

Music geeks like mrfantasy, jenniever, and runstaverun should check this out.

This past weekend was pretty crazy. There was the dance, which I already posted pictures of. jenniever and _yggdrasil discussed it here, where my failure is revealed. Read the aforementioned _yggdrasil's excellent summary here, see mineral2's summary here, doughnutman's name dropping summary here, and so on. Held at the Liberty Science Center, it was a blast. We sat with angelity and some people who don't have journals near the tidal power machine, which is why it was in the background in the shots of us. It was nice to meet some of jenniever's friends that she had told me so much about throughout the course of the evening, and to finally ``meet'' _yggdrasil in real life. Kept on running into various other drewuniversity peeps I knew, like jennytenny and xypher. Got to go through the wonderful Touch Tunnel once, dance quite a bit with jenniever, and see a good percentage of the open exhibits. We made rivers and had fun. While admiring the view from the place, I was deeply nauseated by the number of people who admired the ``Manhattan skyline view'' from the place. Yes, fools, there's the Empire State Building. There's a series of tall buildings. You're in Jersey City. A river separates New Jersey and New York City. There's no river between you and the rest of the buildings you're admiring. Those are the buildings I see from the roof of my lovely Hoboken apartment, which is over there to the North on your left. That skyscraper is far. Those are near, and not part of Manhattan. Get out more, kids.

Unfortunately, we got kicked out before we could Touch Tunnel again or even slow dance once. The DJ shut down after playing one slow song, we were just about to make it to the dance floor. Sweet mother of fuck. Just because some people couldn't hold their liquor, the whole lot of us got tossed. Damn. Bad apples ruining it as usual.

Realized later back home that I didn't wear my suit from the Maiden fan. You know, the one I've been itching for a reason to wear? By mistake in my last-minute rush, I grabbed my eight year old suit, and didn't even notice until seeing the new suit in my closet. I have lost weight!

Later that weekend a chopper outside the window woke us up. Well, it woke jenniever up. She asked what the noise was, and sleepy kingfox kept on telling her that it was nothing. Finally she checked out the rattling window, and saw a chopper circling Hoyt with a search light. I thought it was a medivac for an injury that couldn't be moved by car down the road, and we went back to sleep. While we found out what was going on that night, we still haven't found out why the chopper was at drewuniversity of all places. One theory I've heard is a news organization getting the wrong campus.

They're getting rid of syndication points on LJ soon, so people no longer have an excuse to not be reading some of the less popular feeds out there.

My gourd arrived today, and is currently being cured for use.

Happy birthday redvector!

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