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I am the king of high volume email! - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
I am the king of high volume email!
According to windexcowboy, I get more spam than anyone else at drewuniversity.

I blame Neopets, having the same address from my naive days as a student almost a decade ago, and having a number of ancient domains such as Feff World and CyberSphere pointing to my account. Supposedly I beat everyone else out by a decent margin.

So, anyone else out there playing UT2K4 these days? If so, look me up, I'm playing Onslaught often as Kingfox.

Feeling: optimistic optimistic
Listening to: Iron Maiden, Brave New World

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andamaroo From: andamaroo Date: April 5th, 2004 12:35 pm (UTC) (Hard link)


I didn't click any of those links.

kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 12:47 pm (UTC) (Hard link)

:-( (was Re: :))

You really should have. I bet that someone will post one of them, like this one, and you could coldly chuckle at having already seen it thanks to your friend kingforks.
From: drunkinmunchkin Date: April 5th, 2004 03:16 pm (UTC) (Hard link)

Re: :-( (was Re: :))

that guy has really big teeth. it's scary.
redvector From: redvector Date: April 5th, 2004 12:52 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
I miss Fallout.

Or, more appropriately, Fallout.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 01:09 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
Ooooh, impressive.

I've actually been playing BoS on my Xbox lately. I know it's no Fallout. I know it's a PoS. But it's at least something. petemagyar is used to watching me play the damn thing, cursing the whole time at it, and how it's not Fallout 3.
redvector From: redvector Date: April 5th, 2004 01:14 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
haha, I like the BG:DA games a lot (especially since BG:DA II is as much Diablo II as BG:DA was Diablo I, which follows a repeating, rational pattern and pleases me), and bdeakin tells me BoS is even more fun.

Stupid no FO3.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 02:06 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
Stupid FO3 being axed so BoS can be completed faster.

It is a fun BG:DA2. Immature at times, but mindless simple killing fun. Bashing hordes of raiders and ghouls with a spiked sledgehammer is fun, but that's all the depth and Fallout you're going to get.
redvector From: redvector Date: April 5th, 2004 02:08 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
which is obviously not enough.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 02:27 pm (UTC) (Hard link)

There's always hope. I thought that I would never see a sequel to Wasteland beyond Fountain of Dreams, but it came in the form of Fallout. Maybe a decade or so from now, there will be another round of great post-apocalyptic fun?

If you haven't played it, I recommend picking up a copy of Arcanum. Different setting, but a great RPG using the same engine. Amazing game in many ways.
redvector From: redvector Date: April 5th, 2004 02:32 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
I own arcanum, and had Zero fun playing it. I don't want to be a froofy elf magician, so why should my fun be stunted as a dwarven smith? it was impossible to hit enemies, and on normal fights I found myself loading the game again and again because I ran out of pistol bullets before I did any damage. Basically, the character balance was non-existant and I was unable to progress as one of the "standard" character types. Definitely no fallout.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 02:45 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
Yeah, tech people got robbed. As a mage you could teleport anywhere you've been (makes the game too easy), resurrect/heal people (makes the game too easy), slaughter people with cheap spells (makes the game too easy), and speak to the dead (makes a couple of plots too easy).

I went through as a froofy elf magician the first time I played it, so I was tainted with a good experience. But beyond the lack of balance between the two, it's a great game. Very open-ended, lots of fun side-plots, a great game up to the very ending. And the ``join me'' speech from the final boss is the best I've ever seen in a game. 3\/4R!
redvector From: redvector Date: April 5th, 2004 02:47 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
I'd rather just go through Fallout 2 again. there's so much going on in the millions of hours it STILL takes me to get through the game that by the time I finish a run I've pretty much forgotten what goes on in the beginning.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 03:02 pm (UTC) (Hard link)

Soon after I moved in with Father Joe, he got a new PC for his office at Drew. After setting it up for him, I went through Wasteland, Fallout, and Fallout 2 without stopping. I had no job or anything else at the time, so it didn't take me that long. That was fun.

I've been screaming at petemagyar, in between cursing at BoS, that he needs to play Fallout/Fallout 2. I might just install Fallout 1/2/Tactics on the two computers we've got. I'd like to go through Tactics again, I barely remember that one.

I should have a Wasteland/Fallout themed party. Snake Squeezins to drink, iguana on a stick and hobo dogs to eat, and 50's music. And at the end of the party I hide in my room and kill everyone else with radiation.

Hey little lady, want to check out my Vault 13?
redvector From: redvector Date: April 5th, 2004 03:03 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
graye From: graye Date: April 5th, 2004 04:00 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
My plan is to go as the Vault Dweller for Halloween, this year

A fucking wasteland party would be SPECTACULAR

you guys should have one of those

that's just seriously cool

kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 05:41 pm (UTC) (Hard link)

Ever find the Vault Dweller in the Eastern Wastes?
I'd play a Vault Dweller skin in UT2K4 in a heartbeat.

I don't know if petemagyar would go for a Wasteland theme, he didn't even like the pirate theme. And I don't think most of my friends would get it or play along like they did last time.
olddaedalus From: olddaedalus Date: April 5th, 2004 09:03 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
What servers do you play on?
kingfox From: kingfox Date: April 5th, 2004 10:27 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
Whatever servers have more than ten people and a low ping.

Chorus of 18 demons || Preach it