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Back from the dance

And yeah, my emo departure was an April Fools joke. I felt like an asshole when graye wrote the sweetest heartfelt sentiments. jenniever and runstaverun backed up the ruse, as did mrfantasy later on in the day. runstaverun came up with the idea of deleting my journal temporarily, which was the icing on the cake. hiphopatcong deleted his own journal as a sign of solidarity, and _yggdrasil tonight said that she would have expressed something but she thought it was a joke. Well, it was. Me, give up Livejournal? Hell, I got a good number of the people on my friends list to JOIN Livejournal. Hate the drama? Hah, I read LJ Drama regularly. Feel that no one pays attention? Hell no. It was a joke. I don't hate this place, I'm not sick of it, and I love you all. Really. So thanks for those who asked me to stay, sorry for playing Tiddly Winks with your hearts.

Will post more about the dance tomorrow. Must pass out now.

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