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I applied for a better position ages ago.
A co-worker also applied for said position, got it, and my application was then being used for his old position.
I got interviewed for his old position, and shortly after that Drew announced a hiring freeze.
The hiring freeze was being lifted, but new people applied and had to be interviewed.
Every day co-workers and my girlfriend asked if there was any news on the position.
And now, a long time after my initial application, the application now being used towards a different but similar job, I got the promotion. Yay!

I'll now officially be making a real salary! I'll be able to talk to collection agencies! I'll be able to eat! I'll be able to live! Yay!

Yesterday was a day of ups and down. Up for getting the position. Down for getting a $500 bill for fixing my car. Up for being taken out for wonderful sushi and such by my sweetie. Down for my female roomie getting fired in a cruel, horrible, and sadistic way. Up for spending a wonderful and amazing night with my sweetie.

The reality of the situation still has yet to sink in.

Had a wonderful talk with boss and my... err... soon to be new boss about it yesterday. Couldn't tell two of my co-workers who were just as desperate to find out, but I think they guessed based on my lack of a good poker face. One of them has a LJ, so I couldn't post it here, and a superior has a LJ as well so I couldn't post about it anyway since he'd be able to rat on me. Unless I made a friends group that contained everyone but him. Or maybe he wouldn't have told. In the end I figured I'd just... for the first time in my life... wait a day.

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