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I quit

As you might have read, I've made a decision. You know what, I quit. I quit LJ. Maybe more of my online lifestyle. It causes drama, confusion, miscommunication, and problems.

graye announcing his quitting of CS for good got me thinking. I've learned a lot from my over ten years as a netizen. I've learned how to get information out of people like that maggot Asclepius. I've learned about the world and it's people better than a class ever could teach me. I've learned from neenerface to try to be happy, xiolette had taught me what makes me happy, graye has taught me not to be a lazy_savant, I've learned how to get people to agree with me or disagree with me. I've learned how others think, the nuts and bolts of my fellow talking hairless monkeys on this cold rock. I've laughed, I've loved, I've cried, and I've felt pain. Friends of mine have met their wives online, and friends of mine have been betrayed online. It's been a source of many things for me. But I'm done. Lately it seems to be nothing but a source of drama and misunderstanding. Oh no, this person said this, maybe they mean this? Maybe they're talking about me, maybe they're being mean to me. I've known people primarily online who have had kids or died, the circle of online life is complete.

No one clicks on my links. No one comments on what I have to say. People like neenerface, track44, and jennytenny have unfriended me for petty reasons. I haven't had time for cybersphere, and thedenbbs seems to be running just fine. I can just maintain that. I won't turn it off just because of this decision. I'll still use the internet for work, I'll still read my email, I'll still use Jabber. But no more AIM or ICQ. No more Friendster or Orkut. No more of the petty little middle school bullshit. Who cares which Wu member you are? You know what, I'm Sam fucking Malone and Tony fucking Soprano. Quizilla says so, so suck it. I've had enough of the pointless quizzes, people posting a link I made months ago and getting a dozen comments on it, reading about the minute details of the furry lifestyle, reading about people putting up with miserable fucking situations that dozens of people comment day after day that they should get out of, and people never fucking learning. Wake up, people. This is not life. I thought that once. Yeah yeah, I shine through the LJ medium, I'm a node on the net, I am Prospero.

I've neglected the meat and embraced the digital medium. I had a problem with this until I read McKenna and his thoughts on technology being an extension of nature. I thought everything was cool, but I was wrong. I didn't realize this until I lived with petemagyar for a while. Like the geeks in Microserfs not in Silicon Valley, I had ignored my flesh and neglected my pasty shell. No more. I live life now, instead of journaling a lack of a life and ``living'' on the net.

I'll keep my BBS up. I'll still use the internet for work and informational purposes. I'll take this journal down later today.

Thank you for sharing your lives with me. I just can't take the drama and bullshit aspects of it any more, and ignore my real life any longer. Goodbye.

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