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I thought everyone knew this!

I know this journal's often full of nonsense, insane random links, details about my daily life, great information, and pointless little memes. But there's a matter of the utmost importance that people need to be made aware of. You need to understand this. I realized it yesterday while setting up the eXtreme Deployment account for the D510, and I decided this morning while listening to an excellent interview with Al Franken on Howard Stern this morning that I should spread the word. There's a fundamental truth to life that I've only just found out not everyone was made aware of.

Iron Maiden is one of the greatest bands, ever. People should listen to Piece of Mind, Somewhere in Time, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Brave New World, and Dance of Death before they die. Not to mention the other eight studio albums, or the six live albums that really showcase the band's talents. There's nothing like Maiden live. Nothing.

I feel it's important that people understand this.

Who knows, you could die tomorrow, or tonight.

Speaking of Howard Stern, if you haven't downloaded the single remix from Korn, you really should.

And in a bonus assignment, compare and contrast the following two images:


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