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All the cool kids are doing it!

Many of you voted that you would play on a BBS. I know many of you logged into thedenbbs back in the day, and got whomped in LORD or started BRE too late and ran away. But you should give it another chance. graye's keeping Violet on a short leash, and _sterno_'s totally dominating at BRE over and over.

It's on a nicer version of the server software, most of the games are registered, and BRE was just reset at midnight so you can get in on the ground floor. So click here, give it a try, and play. It only takes ten minutes a day or less for most of the games, less time than it takes to make a trip to a vending machine, make a trip to the corner store, or feed a starving child.

Won't you please think of the starving children? Or something? You don't need any special software, a simple telnet client will do. If you don't do it, _sterno_ will think that he's unstoppable and get killed trying to take over the midwest or something. Just click here and get started.

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