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I hear carnival music from my computer, while people are saying the following:

I want something more thrilling than Russell's big cock.
I want to get off Doggie Style.
Just looking at Fag Blaster makes me sick.
Jerkoff was great!

Yeah, strawberrygal and petemagyar are playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. I pulled it out for jenniever to play while petemagyar and I lifted Thursday night after seeing Kissinger speak, and I came home this evening to find petemagyar playing it.

Last night I ran into someone I knew from my days as a student at drewuniversity. At the time they weren't the nicest of people. They were notorious for buying nothing but Bud at The Pub, and not tipping. Drink prices were set to encourage tips, yet they refused to tip more than a buck a night or so. Other patrons complained about this, while us employees bit our tongues. Their last name is a famous one in this region, and they come from a family with a decent family run business. So we knew they could afford to tip. And it wasn't just the stingy nature, it was the fact that they treated the help like shit. I was constantly fielding complaints about them, but they were good friends with one of the other managers. One night a few people were bitching about them, when someone who knew them explained that things would be different that summer after graduation for them.
"You know what [their] family does? Roofing. So after four years at a private university, they will start work at the family business this summer. They'll be rich owning the business for a while from now, but this summer, they'll be broken. Roofind in the summer in Jersey? That's a humbling experience."

The person I saw last night was tanner, lost some weight, and was well-behaved. They treated me, and the person helping us, with decency and respect. They seemed adult, friendly, and not like the snobby dickhead I had to listen to people bitching about. They were wearing the jacket from the family business, and I saw a truck outside bearing their last name as well. Hard at work, they had turned into a decent human being it seemed. Wow. It was also one of the nicer encounters with someone where they forgot details about me. They apologized up front for not remembering some details, volunteered what they remembered, and explained that they just wanted to say hi. And on the way back to drewuniversity, I was stuck behind a car with a vanity plate that read SPANKSR.

Had a great time with jenniever today. We got up way too early, and she drove us up to Hunter Mountain. Got to meet her mother's former beau who had a major influence on her life, and spend a lovely day with her. Watched her ski, and read quite a bit of Bluebeard. She didn't ski as well as she wanted to, but did as well as the guy running her club thought she would. As I snored on the way up, she slept while I drove on the way back. It was a lovely drive, and I picked up boots at the American version of The Village on the way back. Not to mention three bags of edamame.

All in all a lovely relaxing weekend. Plenty of quality time with my sweetheart, beautiful drives, good music, yeah. Good times.

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