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Kevin Smith is my hero

And here is why. The man responds to flames just like I do. That point-by-point breakdown, going between mocking and randomness, keeping them on edge while picking them apart. He writes great dialogue, he directs well, and he flames well. What a man.

Some vendors I deal with are great, really pushing buttons and busting their ass to work things out for me. Some vendors are inhuman monsters, being impossible to deal with, impossible to get a bill from, and impossible to get a definite answer on order status. But all are just as nice and smiley.

Some of the fake journals out there are great.

So my sweetie's off in NYC hanging out with her old buddy, and will probably crash at my place later. She's looking great, I wish I could have kidnapped her instead of driving her to the train station. She's got a great outfit on, her hair looks amazing, it was hard to let her go.

A co-worker showed me this yesterday. The video's priceless.

The continuous playing of Thunderdome clips on Ron and Fez really makes me want to dig up Elana's old crappy arena code and revamp it this weekend, making it work for knife fighters. Screw it, I'm going to do that. Yes, it's sad, my girlfriend is out in NYC and I'm in my office on a Friday night coding something up. I had my social fun with my friends last night, and I'll be social with her later.

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