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Name meme

If you refer to me as _____, than you _____.
  • Kingfox - know me from BBSing, cybersphere, LJ, are my mother quillter, or my second stepfather
  • Russ - know me from drewuniversity when I was a student, or from EB
  • Russell - know me from before Drew, or from after I tried to switch my name back in 2001, or from before then but are trying to accept my attempted name change
  • baby baby, baby face, etc. - are jenniever
  • Rushie - are a cute little Philipino girl from Roy Rogers with a lisp, or her boyfriend
  • Diablo Loco - are a young hispanic co-worker of mine from Roy Rogers
  • Príncipe - are an older hispanic co-worker of mine from Roy Rogers
  • Rusty - are Jeff Shalayda, Al Ernst, or my father trying to be endearing
  • Russell Willaman - are aaronkliger or fmrflyboy after having a couple of drinks
  • Poo, poopie, etc. - are chiquib

Spent the weekend with jenniever. We saw Secret Window Friday night, which was a decent flick. Some amusing moments, and I kept on picturing Captain Jack Sparrow having a conversation with a Novell Client CD. Saturday we had a lazy day together. Well, I was the lazy one napping all the time, she was the productive one working on her thesis while I snored away. She made me her usual eggs with the secret ingredient that makes them so good. We went to an awesome and interesting place that night, the award-winning Baumgart's Cafe. It's a fifties style malt shop that serves great Chinese as well. After a long wait, I got to have a banana chip malt shake with Thai style shrimp pineapple curry, while jenniever had chicken and broccoli. We had a good Flan to top things off, a dessert she's never had before. I'd love to go back there again, it's a fun unique place. And in the drinks section of the menu? The Cafe O'lait. Whoops. So you can have the Irish version of a French drink at the Chinese malt shop.

New Sopranos again tonight. Yay!

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