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More people should play Falcon's Eye

Yoinked from amarafox:

  1. Go to images.google.com
  2. Type in your LJ username and search
  3. Post the first picture that comes up

That sign is actually printed out and on my office wall, along with other random things like xypher's usericon (he's in my coat), the shot of Feynman and I while I'm wearing a gas mask, jenniever's autographed copy of Windows XP registry repair steps, and so on.

Went to Black Bear with petemagyar, KG, and Brian. After that we hit Johnny Rockets for shakes. Now petemagyar's listening to boblog_rss, and we'll lift in a bit. Good times.

My darling jenniever returned today. It was great to see her. She got me a Tintin mousepad and cookies that would make angryraspberry happy.

Tomorrow morning I show the librarians my attempt at a relatively stable configuration for their public workstations. Like a fool, I forgot a few things that joining the domain did to a machine, and I'm going to have to give Ginny some post-Sysprep steps. But such is life, motherfuckers.

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