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Hello, peepers!

I've done SAT test style comparisons before, I know.


So I haven't been updating that much lately, abandoning this. Parties and concerts I've been promising to update on, I still have write-ups sitting on computers never sent. Funny links lying around waiting for their chance in the spotlight, growing less relevant as days go by. Little thoughts like a rant on Valmont one weekend, Hoboken musings, whatevah. Even non-LJ addicts like jenniever have been posting more than I. I blame this on life being busy and decent. Yes, I am that much of a loser that last night I remote desktopped into a machine at drewuniversity to work on it while waiting for petemagyar to show up so we could go pick up a bar and weights. His belated Christmas present, so my posts aren't the only thing that's been delayed. He got me a weight belt and gloves, which was awesome.

There's the BSD license, my favorite. There's the GPL, which is an evil nasty vile virus. Now there's the DPL. Creepy stalker destroyer of spyware has made it an ``official'' license. Yeah.

I'm having a Lilt. Thank you, periol.

OMFG, it's that episode of Futurama tonight. Dances of the Ancient Bronx!

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