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I really want to visit a water park now

An odd dream.

cessna182's fiance (henceforth known as FCF)'s family lived in Southern California instead of Brooklyn, first off. I found out that I didn't have work at EB that weekend, so I took a long weekend off and visited them. It was either by plane or bus, I'm not sure.

cessna182 and FCF were off doing something that day, so I got it in my head that I should visit Raging Waters in San Dimas. Maybe because of my love for Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, even though the water park filmed in that movie was actually the Mesa SunSplash in Arizona. But I didn't know that in my dream. In fact, I also had memories in the dream of talking to kikibird about it at a Game Night, and her saying that she would go to the water park based on the movie. Now, awake, I realize that it was really a conversation about Circle K in a car. Also in the dream, I had visited this water park before, mentioned it in my Yahoo profile, which was one of the top ranked Yahoo profiles, listed in a page like the list of Feffworld guestbook celebrities.

So I took this bus out to the water park. As the bus was nearing its destination, it passed a housing complex named achewood. I got out of the bus, and wandered around the place. Looking at one of the more relaxed pool areas, I glanced up at some of the larger rides and got excited. Knowing that I'd have to get a locker and put all of my things away, I started looking for one through these long corridors. I passed arcades, boardwalk-style games, administrative offices, stores, and all sorts of other offerings. Lockers, however, were nowhere to be found.

At some point I realized that I had no way to contact cessna182 and FCF, and no way to tell them where I was. Lacking my trench coat, I didn't have my cell phone with me either. So I freaked out, putting together that I need their number and a phone. I decided to focus on the first one.

I wandered through the offices at the place, looking for a machine that had a modern Windows desktop. Saw a few with Windows 3.x, saw a few with a primitive X windows setup (not even KDE or Gnome). Realizing that I didn't know FCF's last name or the name of the town where her family was in out here, I thought the only way to get their number was checking my Vonage log. I found a cluster of people around a modern desktop, and nervously approached them. Starting out my tale of woe, I mentioned that I was from the East coast. Immediately they started smiling and nodding, as I dropped a few rungs. When I told them that I had been here before in my youth (which I believed I had) and loved it, they wore more accepting of me. The woman at the computer itself agreed to help me, as the rest of the crowd went back to work. We got their number, I wrote it on a scrap of paper, and thanked her.

Walking the corridors some more, I finally found a locker room. Sitting on a bench, I realized that I had my cell phone, but that the batteries were dying. At this point I think I forgot the scrap of paper, as their number would clearly be in it. Unfortunately, the cell phone was having problems, and I couldn't get their number from the recent calls list. Nor did it show up while browsing the 7 (PQRS) list. The listing only could be found if I browsed the whole list of contacts. However, their number showed up as 5. In fact, the list seemed quite fucked up, and all numbers seemed to be 5. I tried to rationalize this in my mind, pondering a server side contact list for cell phones on the West coast, completely illogical I know. Struggling, I tried to remember their number. So much so that I had a number to write down when I woke from the dream, a number in a Minnesota area code (shades of fmrflyboy's visit).

While fighting with my cell phone, I was trying to find where the bus let me off, as it was getting dark. While I wanted to ride on at least one ride, I understood that I needed to work on returning. I found the achewood housing complex, and realized that the bus stop had to be near. Tearing through my pockets, I tried to find the scrap of paper with their number on it before my phone died. I realized that I would be better off calling jenniever and asking her to find and call them before the batteries ran out, at which moment I awoke.

After I woke up I had the sudden urge to visit a water park.

Time traveling can screw up any good franchise, even Pokémon.

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