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Frosted lucky charms, they're meme-gically delicious!

Let's get back to Biblical standards of marriage. How much for your daughter?


Threesomes are cool.

My Love is Knight Rider

A good collection of all the rainbows, and see colorbar_love!

Anyway, yeah, I've been slacking. I logged on to cybersphere for the first time in a while today, and it was noticed that I hadn't been keeping up to date on my LJ either.

So instead of my usual massive mega update post, I'll break shit up into bite sized chunks, and dribble them down your mouths in a slow flood. Like towelboy does after periods without the ability to update, except with LJ-cuts.

Much better than last year.

I kept on telling jenniever that something was coming to drewuniversity that she would need to pick up. While I admitted it was perishable, I insisted it was a puppy. I mentioned a vase, and being wrapped for freshness, but still referred to the package as a puppy. A puppy with its limbs individually wrapped for freshness. So the roses arrived, we hung out for a bit, and she left for her plans with her usual Valentine who made her the cutest homemade Valentine's Day card. And not just because it refers to me.

Friday night jenniever took me to Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre, to see The Swarm. We PATH'd in to the city, and worked our way over to the theatre itself. While waiting for the show to start, I learned even more about my darling's amazing past. The show itself was hilarious. Before the show began, they took a suggestion from the audience for a theme. Someone yelled out, ``ANAL SEX!'' So, just like Cowboy and John so long ago, anal rape was a theme. kikibird and periol should have been there. Many jokes about a series of random anal rape videos. Quite amusing. After that we were going to go to Le Gamin Cafe, but we showed up just as they were closing. We ended up hitting a local restaurant, where we had a nice meal before heading back to Hoboken. On the way back, I enjoyed watching all of the cute couples also on their way back from an evening out in the city. Like I said, I got a new bed, so we could actually sleep like humans instead of suffering on a mat.

That morning I moved my car to avoid a ticket, then surprised her with a giant balloon, chocolates, and breakfast. Well, the latter wasn't much. I was going to make something more, but I didn't know how many whites she wanted. Instead she just got Weetabix and cranberry juice. I know, not quite poached quail's eggs and cavier. That afternoon fmrflyboy arrived, as I mentioned. It was wonderful to see him again. jenniever and I had Valentine's Day plans for the evening, but chatted with him and petemagyar for a bit. hiphopatcong came down, and they had their plans for the evening. Meanwhile we went to i-Shebeen Madiba restaurant, this amazing South African restaurant in Brooklyn. Unfortunately we took a while in getting going, and I made fairly early reservations. So I made a wrong turn after emerging from the tunnel, and we ended up fighting our way racing through lower Manhattan to the Manhattan Bridge. We frantically called the restaurant, begging them to delay the reservation as much as they could, and barely made that in time. I dropped jenniever off to be safe, and found street parking only a block away.

We were entertained by a live act, which was great. We had to share a table with another couple, which the host told us was called ``boxcar valentines'' in Africa. The dinner itself was Sofa King amazing. The mango chutney was wonderful, complimenting the little veggie spicy things so perfectly. We picked out a wine that she was familiar with, the Buitenverwachting Riesling 2001. I normally don't like white wine, preferring red, but this wine transcended its peers. I had a salad, while she dined on these spicy sausages that she loves despite normally not eating such meat. We both had quails in love for dinner, which was quite nice. Two quails, little raisins, an amazing sauce, a good platter. My mouth is watering just recolecting the feast. After dinner we were served a pair of love potions, which jenniever thought tasted like port. Mmmm. I took her recommendation for dessert, where we both had malva pudding. Wow. Imagine flan and a muffin top getting drunk one night in a bar, and merging in some inhuman way. Some of the best elements of a muffin or bread pudding, combined with the majesty of flan. Wow. The place was amazing, I hope we go back again soon, and I strongly recommend it to anyone in the NYC area. Great service, wonderful food, incredible exotic offerings.

We got back to my car, drove back to Hoboken, and found romantic parking right on Frank Sinatra Drive looking over the Hudson to Manhattan. The whole weekend the Empire State Building was lit red in honor of the romantic weekend, which was sweet. We had been calling fmrflyboy's phone, looking to meet up with them, but they were out drinking in Manhattan with Manu instead of staying in Hoboken, and we didn't want to go back into the city after crossing it twice already. So instead we strolled along the river, ignoring the cold, and walked enjoying the view. We hit the Sushi Lounge, and she got to see my favorite place that I've been avoiding since moving here. I ordered her a Diva (Ketel One, White Godiva, and one rose petal), a drink I enjoyed sixteen months ago with martinzinkevich. She agreed that it was an amazing drink, and the rose petal seemed to be a nice touch for the evening.

The next morning we joined petemagyar and fmrflyboy for brunch. We tried Wolfgang Puck Express, but were extremely turned off by the place. We ended up at Mile Square for brunch. All you can eat, great grub, two dollar bloody marys. Best deal in Hoboken. After the freezing walk to my car along the water, I dropped jenniever off at drewuniversity while fmrflyboy and petemagyar stared out the windows at the changes to the campus and nearby towns.

That day petemagyar, fmrflyboy, and I were going to Dustin's birthday party in New Brunswick. Running early down 287, with both of them falling asleep in my car, we hit Cafe 52. That was a trip down memory lane, it being the former site of Cafe Newz. There was the row of tables that was always occupied by Magic players. There was the back outdoor area I used to hang out in, talking with the goths, Keely, and her friends. Down the stairs I spied the area where Sean and I debated love and religion with a couple. *sigh* We had drinks, slices of the amazing Italian fruit tart pie, and went to Dustin's place. Crazy times.

After Dustin's birthday party we drove back to Hoboken, where Marty, kikibird, and runstaverun met us. We had drinks and ordered a massive 7 Star Pizza with pineapple on it in honor of fmrflyboy. The thing was Sofa King huge it barely fit in through the door. After we had a few more drinks, we went to Louise and Jerry's, our usual dive. The Belleville couple went home, and the rest of us came back here to crash for the night.

The next day, President's Day, fmrflyboy had lunch with a professor, petemagyar had coffee with jenniever, and I dropped the former off at the airport. It was great having him around, I really missed him. I hope he comes back again soon, he's such a great guy, it was wonderful chatting with him at length face to face once more.

epic47 visited a couple of days ago. It was great seeing him.

I'll post about Maiden and my birthday party soon.


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