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Nobody knows what it's like...

Originally, a certain Hoboken native was the first choice to play the crooner that became Vic Fontaine on DS9. Said singer was a huge fan of the franchise, but when finally approached with the role, he declined. The old man insisted that he would only play an alien. Then they approached Robert Goulet, Steve Lawrence, Tom Jones, and Jerry Vale. Finally, in an episode airing twenty-two days before the Chairman uttered the final words, ``I'm losing it'', they used his good old friend James Darren. There's an excellent provision in his will. If anyone contests it, they are automatically disinherited. That's brilliant, I'm putting the same clause in my will.

John Hertzler has the same habits as mrfantasy.

Last night petemagyar and I watched Take Me Out to the Holosuite, an episode I'd been wanting him to see for years. He looked up the specific rule invoked by the shapeshifting umpire, and confirmed his call. However, petemagyar was quite disappointed by the later incorrect call when the pointy-eared freak with green blood would have already been out after not touching the home plate the moment he got to the dugout. He also called the suicide squeeze play at the bottom of the 9th.

This morning my car didn't start. After spending over half a grand and taking the train for some time, it just won't start. Of course, I should have started it and run it instead of letting it sit and freeze up all weekend. My mistake. I hope it just needs some thawing. There's electricity, it just doesn't even crank. Not a loud click that I've sometimes heard in the past, just a quiet click. The dashboard lights took a bit to come on the first time I tried, and the radio displayed a scrambled time. It was much like Friday, when I was late driving jenniever into work. I could start the car that morning, but nothing else worked. No radio, no clock, no wipers, no air, nothing except the engine worked. Started it, got it warm, turned it off. Started it again, was about to give up on getting the accessories started, when jenniever noticed the clock coming to. It worked just fine. Hopefully that's the case again this time. Called blackbytes, who told me to take the day off. Will take a look at it again, clean my room, and post about my amazing birthday weekend.

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