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kingfox answers!

Or at least he answers the questions asked so far.

  • graye - My youth, my genius, and my un-battered eager unending drive. If you want a less abstract answer, it would be the opportunities I didn't recognize until well after I should have grabbed them by the balls and yanked for all I'm worth.
  • runstaverun - As wonderful as that is, I really, really, really, need a bed kind sir. Remember that moment in Ikea when you held up the art I had purchased? Exactly.
  • thelastbandito - Honestly? Sometimes. One of your quotes will remain in my head, reverberating back to me when I least expect it. One of the things you've written will come up. But mostly it's when I'm reading your journal. And vice versa? I want to exist, I want to make a mark, and I'm overjoyed when I do.
  • nataswollof - Image based ones haven't held a candle for me, at least they haven't come close to replicating the draw that text based have for me. I've tried them, online and off, and they just don't do it. The online ones lack RP, with a signal to noise ratio that made my head hurt. The offline ones are fun, but once you've gone through them, what next? Sure, I got hooked on KOTOR right after it came out for my beloved black and green box. But after going through it a couple of times, what's left? No community, no evolving storyline, no new worlds, no new plots, no developments, no fresh blood, no surprise returns, and most of all no outlet for the demons screaming inside of my skull. That's what drew me in the first place. As I once ranted, I wanted to do something. I play Dungeon Keeper, only my opponent gets to see my finely-crafted dungeon. I create a beautifully tuned economic system and war machine in TA, only my teammates and victims can see. I wanted to do something more, create something that people could enjoy, something that people could make use out of beyond a simple match. Maybe that's my ego speaking, but so be it. Beyond that, I'm a sucker for reading. While a picture says a thousand words, you can craft such a beautiful picture with a hundred perfect words.
  • jenniever - We've gotten 99.999999999% of the way there. But that was a bunch of electrons in a lab. Gravity goes that fast as well, but we can't exactly just become gravity, though there are some comparisons made in your honors thesis. We can approach it in that when you and I look in each other's eyes, we're moving into each other's eyes at that speed. But do we really want all of the problems with the real thing? Time distortion, like that bittersweet novel I was describing that cessna182 got me? quillter once explained to me, I think at the end of Star Trek IV, why a romance couldn't work between Kirk and a particular woman. She explained that his constant traveling at warp speeds would cause him to age far less than her. I'll have to check with petemagyar to see if that was ever addressed. Regardless, it's a whole mess of problems, relativity issues, Einstein pissing on your face, and we really don't want to face those problems.

Keep them coming.

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