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Cold cold cold

On my way to work this morning, my car stalled in an intersection while trying to get petemagyar to the PATH station. It stalled once over the past few weeks, while I was about to go into the Holland Tunnel and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. I didn't exactly want to be the jackass blocking traffic as my car stalled in the middle of either tunnel or on the West Side Highway. Breaking down in the middle of a major road or crossing wasn't exactly something I wanted to go through, so I drove around Jersey City Heights, making sure the car was fine, before dropping under the rivers and through the largest and greatest city in the country.

This morning, it wasn't so easy. Instead of sputtering and stalling through two intersections annoying one guy behind me and one person trying to cross the intersection as I finally made it, I ended up going through a tight intersection with a long line of cars trapped behind me. Finally started and warmed up enough to keep on going, dropped petemagyar off, and had no problems getting to work. Wrote it off as the car not getting warmed up enough, as it's an old car with way over one hundred and thirty thousand miles (can't tell, odometer broke a while ago), and thought I'd just warm it up more. So I made sure to run the engine for a while when jenniever and I left today. Got it nice and warm. Nice and warm, indeed. Let the needle go up, tried revving it and not revving it, giving it some time and some juice. Got out of the lot, off the drewuniversity campus, and ended up stalling half a block past Tommy's. Kept on starting it and stalling again, no matter what I tried. Finally got it around the corner, driving in through drewuniversity's back gate and back out, parking it at Tommy's and leaving a message for him.

Got to the train station just after 6:30, missing the Hoboken train by a minute or two. Sat there until 7:43, when the next train came. Of course, as I stared up at the gorgeous moon, some snow sprinkled down. Of course. Tried to ignore a conversation with someone about how alcohol kills people, the government extorts thousands from him, how cold it was, and how hard life was. Gave up on being able to just think to myself while smiling and nodding, and failed in conversing with him. Finally, after walking around the station and visiting a couple of stores just to try to get some warmth, got on the fucking train. Ten to nine, it pulls in at lovely Hoboken. At nine, I finally walked in to my apartment and collapsed. I think my plan for the evening is turning off Fox News, working out, napping, and reading more.

Took me three hours to get home today, and it was cold. If I had known this would happen, I would have dressed warmer and brought a fucking hat. Tomorrow I get to spend an hour on the train for a commute that normally takes half an hour. Wheefun.

I surely fucking hope it's nothing big. I hope it's like one other recent time, where Tommy finds nothing wrong, we both shrug, and the problem vanishes. I hope it's a small component or two, and not just the fact that I need to get a new fucking car. I need a bed. I need to cater a party. I need to get dressers. I need to not have something crop up every so often to drain my savings. I have tons of fucking needs and plans for my money, and I know my car has served me much longer than anyone expected it to, but I wish it could just fucking survive a little fucking longer. While I could just take the train, it's $178 a month and not exactly the most convenient, despite being only twenty five and a half miles the way the train rolls. Yeah, it's not a long walk from either where I live or where I work, but it's not the most regular of schedules... believe me I know. Bleh.

OH YEAH: When you remember to make note of your computer's IP address so you can remote desktop into it and finish work that you left open, it helps to remember to set up your new desktop to, I don't know, fucking accept remote desktop connections or something.

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