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Merry birth of Christ and lower back pain!

I still have a massive Thanksgiving to Christmas post trickling down the stream. It was one of the many things I had planned to do today, like cleaning up the place, organizing and finally setting up my room, visiting petemagyar's family for Christmas, getting ready for tonight, wrapping all of my gifts, and so on... but right now I'm pretty much capable of scuttling to my feet and hurting.

Last night, near the end of dinner with hiphopatcong's family, something happened in my lower back. It felt like something sliding or snapping or falling, like a mass shifting painfully. I winced, and tried to hide it. The rest of dinner, sitting around with the family, and dessert I tried to shift and stretch without being too obvious. I didn't want to ruin Christmas, I didn't want to make a big deal, I didn't want to impose on the family that had opened their doors and been so incredibly hospitable to me. And I could still walk, sit, and stand.. so it wasn't a big deal, right?

I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been using proper form during the workout plan petemagyar and I are on, though I haven't borrowed his belt when he's offered it. Maybe that was my mistake. But it was a full fifteen or so hours since my last workout. I was just sitting down, eating, and chatting.

Drove home, every bump hurting. One wonderful thing about living in a suitcase yuppie town with large Italian, Irish, and otherwise Christian populations... it's easy as hell to find parking during the holidays. I was upset that the three spots in front of my place were taken, lamenting having to park a quarter block away, and one of the spots cleared up by the time I got my gifts out of my car. Of course. Somehow managed to get the whole pile up, dropped them all, and stretched out on the floor. So I chatted on the phone while lying down, checked WebMD, and slept on the floor.

Woke up to petemagyar's alarm, he usually forgets to turn it off. Tried to sit up, whimpered, crawled into his room to kill it. Straightened up, walked back to the living room, and plopped back down. Fell back asleep just in time for my alarm to go off. Sweet everliving mother of fuck. Turned that off, gave up on sleeping for now, and watched Pokémon 4Ever.

I understand why Ash is not the Pokémon master that I am. Beyond his usual foolishness of releasing Pokémon any time he gets a decent one, not having his Pokémon evolve, and the things I already faulted him for.

This one situation irked me, and made me realize my Pokémon skills. While riding on the back of the legendary north wind water type Pokémon, I understand that you might need help while trying to take down a tainted version of an even more rare legendary psychic/grass time traveling Pokémon. But when someone pulls out one of kingfox's favorites, a massive rock/dark type Pokémon, you should be just fine. And having your friend the former gym leader pull out his rock/ground giant Pokémon is completely foolish.

It is incredibly touching and nice to learn Professor Oak's first name is Sammy though. And it also reveals that he and that annoying pansy punk Tracy have a hobby in common.

After that I watched the Discovery special about the Xbox focusing on Crimson Skies that the Microsoft guy I chatted with (I know, part of the massive post I'm planning) told me all about. Of course, while watching a special about a dogfighting video game, my brother cessna182 called. Explained my medical situation, my plans for the day being canceled except my plans for the evening, and apologized for not being able to go visit him today. It's going to be great seeing him, it's just another reason on top of tonight and me having off until the 5th that it sucks to be a gimp now. I feel amplitude's pain.

I don't think I'm making it to petemagyar's. I think cleaning up the place is going to be rather limited. I think the timing of this really sucks, but at least I can laugh about it. It'll make tonight memorable, I just think it's hilarious that it happens after I get off of work for almost two weeks. I was wondering what I'd get to do with all the time off, but this kind of narrows my options until I get better. Heh.

So yeah, happy holidays to all celebrating. Expect me to spam your friends page while I lay on the ground in pain.

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