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Two quick notes...

As neenerface said, ``Are you sure that you live in NJ still?''

So I gave up and gave the DMV a nice fat check to get out of the extortion. I really couldn't argue. I mean, hell, I'm in the right. I know I'm in the right. But if I get caught driving with a suspended license and registration it doesn't matter who is in the right, so I stopped fighting. After sitting in traffic due to the NJT being shut down for some reason, I come home to get a letter from Motor Vehicle Services. As I climb up to the top floor, I try to figure it out. Too thick to be a simple note, maybe they fucking said I'm still not cleared. But they should have sent the check back. That's the ticket. Opening it as I climb... too thin to be a list of shit I need to do, there's the check, oh fuck. Oh fuck. Fuckity mother fucking sweet mother of hell.

They returned the check, saying that everything is fine and ``Fee not required.'' Holy shit. They had my money, they extorted it from me, and they forked it back.

Top that off with getting parking in Hoboken directly across the street from my apartment today. I'm in the fucking zone.

Now down to Black Bear to enjoy drinks with petemagyar and friends.

Oh, and all you cats who talked about playing BRE should play BRE.

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