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Iron Maiden's going to be town in less than two months!!

I know we just saw them, but Maiden's back in NYC at the end of next month. They're returning just after our hero's birthday, and they sure put on a good show. towelboy, hiphopatcong, redvector, and petemagyar can testify to the glory and majesty of Iron Maiden in concert. So, any takers for this round?

Two nights are available for pre-order right now, details at this website. The 26th and 27th. petemagyar and jenniever will be joining us for the Monday show. Anyone else up for the mind blowing greatness that is Maiden? Let me know if you want me to order extra tickets, if you're ordering tickets, or what. It's general admission, otherwise I would have gotten a list of people like I tried to do before ordering last time. So please, come, join us.

There's two other shows in NYC, the 23rd and 24th, but those aren't available for presale. I'll probably be attending those as well. But I'm just a stupid fanboy loon like that.

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