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But do I get to run a club on Deva?

ogun told me today on CS that I remind him Skeeve, the main character from Robert Asprin's Myth series. This is odd.

Robert Asprin used to be on a first-name basis with my mother's baby brother. My uncle was a regular con attendee, and was the maker of the first known modern suit of chainmail. Hell, he got married at a con. An engineer heavily involved with a variety of sci-fi/fantasy gigs, he ended up getting to see Asprin on a regular basis. My mom and first stepfather therefore got plenty of signed copies sent their way, until a falling out between the author and my uncle. So I saw the books lying around all the time, and one bored summer in middle school, I decided to read them all. So I read every single one of them that was out by that point. It was the gap between Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections and Sweet Myth-Tery of Life. Absolutely loved them. Wrote up GURPS rules for all the races, their spell system, and even wrote some modules for it. Yes, I was such a pencil and paper geek child.

Anyway, around that time, my mother told me that I reminded her of Skeeve.... but for very different reasons. Ogun's reminder is well... he gave me permission to use his words:

...you remind me of Skeeve from teh last book I ever read. You really want everyone to like you, and it bothers you on a very fundamental level when they don't. You seem to jump if you can to try to really link with the friendships....
...near the end of the series he was having all sorts of interpersonal problems because he didn't know how to deal with people not liking him- that's what your post strongly reminded me of....

With my mother it was my pseudo-leadership and people skills. Or maybe she saw what Ogun saw but was being nice. Who knows. *shrug*

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