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I know the Tri-State is the center of the world

I'm always fascinated by subjective views from outside. What the stereotypical American accent is in other countries, etc. I've gone on a few rants about this before.

So what do you people in the rest of the country get on Thanksgiving for TV fare? I know you poor people far from the light and glory that is the Tri-State still watch the ball drop in Times Square if you're still EST, or see it an hour or so before your own celebration if you're further from grace. I understand that particular event doesn't translate out of the timezone well.

So we have a big parade in these parts. It's what just about everyone watches or has on the background Thanksgiving morning. I know you outsiders come from all over to visit it, I know people near the Tri-State often watch it. But you people across the continent, do you have it on your local NBC station? Does everyone/anyone/your dog watch it?

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