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Dance of Death, death, coffee

Iron Maiden tour dates announced. Instead of the comprehensive tour they were on the last time I saw them, they're only playing two venues in the states. I don't know why, they freakin' sold out MSG, but their party line is that they were just here. With the health problems Bruce has been having, I guess it's better this way. So four shows in NYC, two shows in LA.

Also, the video for Rainmaker is up. Awesome.

This morning, petemagyar called me to his bedroom window as I was about to walk out the door. Some elderly man was lying on the street just down Grand from us. We didn't have a chance to call, as firetrucks and police cars arrived. We watched for a while, and they rolled him onto a plastic plank as we walked past to work. No movement whatsoever, looked dead from what I could see. It was sad to watch crowds of kids racing each other down the cross street, just to see what was going on and get freaked out. A whole crowd of elderly people gathered to watch what was going on.

On the way to my car/the train station, we passed a car with a HOBOKEN PRIDE bumper sticker. I want.

Last night we checked out the Frozen Monkey Cafe, which strawberrygal had been recommending to us for some time. We had just missed a puppet show, and I think we're missing it again right now.

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