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RPG Alley?

I bet they play lots of Ultima, Rifts, and FATAL there.

johnstevensaul is off at Salt Lake, being brainwashed by his lords and masters. He already read off a prepared statement at gunpoint to mrfantasy's voicemail at ten in the morning their time. Stockholm syndrome is in full effect.

So, as he was in an impressionable mood, we tried to convince him to look into a new faith. Wondering if there were many resources for gay Mormons, mrfantasy looked and found a cornucopia. I made a joke about the mission possibilities, and mrfantasy said it would be a good script for a movie.

Two bisexual mormon bikers traveling through the heartland on their mission, performing good deeds. Could be a porn, could be a comedy, could be a drama, could go any way... just like the two of them.

At redvector's party this past weekend, incetardis showed up. It was his birthday, and it was great to see him and hear he was doing well. At some point I was quite trashed, and pulled up this website. People had been showing off tie knots, and people expressed interest in imitating the Merovingian's necktie. Lots of the usual suspects were there, and I got the dragonfly's journal from Brian. Good times, good people. We were going to reverse his freezer, but didn't.

I got quite trashed, and had some Tasty Bagel the next day. An amazing Italian sandwich delight. Fucking amazing.

I've actually made it to Game Night for the first time in a while two weeks ago. periol gave me a ride, I got to meet their new little kitty, and we played some Therapy again. This past week it was just kikibird, runstaverun, and I singing karaoke. We got intoxicated on wine and sang some hilarious little ditties, often comparing ourselves to Wendy.

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