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Oh yeah, normal stuff

I forgot. Other things happened this weekend.

Anyway, I went to Hoboken with Chris, Aaron, Pete, and my sweetie. We had a blast! From the reasonably priced Italian feast to the bar to the many conversations between the odd pairings of friend's friends, it was a great night. It started out scarily enough, with my sweetie seeing funnel clouds attempting to touch down near 287 and me dodging double-parked cars and skidding busses through downtown Hackensack with a crappy windshield and equally crappy wiper blades. Eeeek!

The night ended poorly though, I picked a fight with my sweetheart when she tried to help me clean out my car for Chris and Pete, so I could give them rides home. I lost it. The next day was an odd day at my weekend job, spending most of the day CLEANING the back room. I found packing labels from product not shipped to us in years. Damn what a mess. Now if only I can finish the cleaning I started giving to my room last night.

And on the home front, my roomie and I have talked. We're both being blunt and open and talking and shit. Yay.


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