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Yet more BBSing shit

Airnola lives. We've been emailing back and forth.

For those using the BBS, I'm transitioning everything over to Telegard. So make a Telegard account with the same namespace as your GameSRV account, so you'll still be able to get into the doors as yourself.

Every time I party at redvector's, I have the urge to watch Requiem for a Dream.

Yay for angry parents. Your child is an adult, and keeps on messing up their own computer! Cut the cord, and tell them to stop shitting in their own chair! When your little darling has a problem with their apartment, a problem with a project at work, or any difficulties in their adult life... are you going to call the authorities to speak at their behalf? Are you hoping to create a Cliff C. Claven Jr./Seymour Skinner/Sal? Do you want them so ill prepared for the real world that they end up in a fetal position on your grave sucking their thumb not knowing how to live life?

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