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The one story that really breaks me up...

There's a few tales that absolutely destroy me inside. Yeah, I know, kingfox the evil, the inside out teddy bear. The kingfox capable of such callous and disrespectful acts, blasphemer and sinner to the extreme, yadda yadda. I know.

The Gift of the Magi is one such tale. Maybe it's my weakness for the romanticism desperate situations. No, it's totally that.

Tonight's Futurama episode (open in new window or use this) reminded me of another tale that tugs at my strings. Hachiko the loyal dog. I've told a couple of people this story recently, and tonight's Futurama on Adult Swim's ending was the same story.

I'm going to go out and make some children cry or something now, before anyone gets the wrong idea.

I love how the viking kitties I linked to ages ago have become mainstream and are on VH1 all the time these days.

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