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Oh sure, that makes sense...

Pete's back from his trip to Europe. Many great stories, good times. Turns out he's got Bavarian blood in him. Some will think of cream filled donuts, others will think of something else. Between that, people listening to tales of Merovingians when I explain the symbolism behind the name (which I mentioned a lifetime ago), and other signs... I'm keeping the truck handy and my plans in place.

And lo, I say unto thee! Is it any wonder that Judy Winslow ended up in Booty Talk Twenty: Super Fine Sistas and More Black Dirty Debutantes Thirty and Thirty-Two? Are you surprised? Are you shocked? Trust me when I say this to you, oh brothers and sisters, this was foretold. For when you send your youngest daughter up the stairs at the age of fourteen and you REWRITE HISTORY to pretend that she never existed, you unbalance things. The only way the universe can maintain the pathetic guise of order that it attempts to throw at those without slack is to take the neglect and pain you have caused Judy Winslow and use it to transform her into Crave. Why? Because she CRAVES your love. She CRAVES purpose. Just like MewTwo, most powerful of Pokémon and existential philosopher, she CRAVES a place in this crazy world. She never CRAVED getting filled out like an application in Adventures of Peeping Tom Number Twenty-Eight! Respect the universe, pinks, or your little Judy Winslows will be spreading their pink on film!

So let it be written, so let it be done.

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