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Crazy-ass weekend

This past three day weekend was crazy.... but tons of fun.

Girlfriend convinced me to go to Hooters for wings on Saturday. I protested. A few times. But she convinced me and we had a great time. Friendly perky waitress who kept on hiding a bottle of iced tea behind our roll of paper towels. They're not given breaks, can't have drinks, so she had to bring in an outside bottle and we were nice enough to hide it for her. My sweetheart just loves going to that place, watching the looks on all of the guys' faces as they drool. There were tons of kids there in various sports uniforms, most of them staying that the Howard Johnson next door.

We realized that we had a three day weekend, and nothing to do. The prospect of going to DC came up, but her family was busy. The prospect of going to AC came up, but everyone was busy. Various other locations came up, but all of them were closed on Sunday/Monday. A few friends invited us out, but we wanted to GO somewhere. So we went to Long Island. A year ago she had taken me out the length of the island, getting a great tour and going wine tasting. I got to see the boarding school she went to, various houses she lived at, Jones Beach, Fire Island, friends houses, and Orient Point. It was an amazing day, and I really enjoyed seeing where she came from.

This time we took the southern fork. So after picking up a friend of hers, we went all the way out past the Hamptons to the lighthouse at the end. We all had such a great time, driving through the towns and forests. There was a section of forest, where some major fires ravaged the area years ago, that we drove through. The fire actually hopped the highway, leaving charred trees on either side. So there was quite a bit of fog, leaving the view hazy.... and black scorched trees on either side of a simple highway.... it was an amazing post-apocalyptic feeling. I loved it. It felt like a $terrain from CS

After all of the touring, we went to a biker bar in a less affluent neighborhood to meet up with an old friend/ex of hers and his girlfriend. It was quite a jump to go from Hamptons to biker bar in such a short amount of time. My sweetie and I even snuck off for a little walk, me turning red with embarassment after a biker's comment when I walked back to the bar. We went back to the old friend's place, where he showed off his knives, axe, and such. It was the first time since college I'd seen people do coke, and I still haven't touched it since high school. Tempting, but I know better. After that we went to yet another bar, the aforementioned friend we picked up's local bar, where my sweetie and I played on a touchscreen console. Unfortunately they didn't have the erotic picture matching game, which she usually does amazingly well with. She can pick up different shading on a breast, a missing garter strap, and moved vases with godly perception. Finally we crashed at the friend's place, waking up to catch the tail end of a Memorial Day parade, after which I had my fourth Slurpee for the weekend.

Driving back, we made it from the friend's place out on Long Island all the way to my place a half hour east of Pennsylvania in just an hour and a half. There was suprisingly little traffic, and it was cool seeing the fog from the GWB.

It was such a random weekend, running into random people in random locations and doing crazy random things. I haven't done something like that in a while, it was great to do so again. I used to be able to have such weekends at college, or before that spending time with random BBS'ers all over Jersey. I missed that feeling, as did she, from her days in high school.

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