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assfingers tribute again

I know I've done it before, h0z3r.

Yay for dropping a belt notch while adding mass from working out with roomie.

Boo for still not having a signed lease or change of address stickers from the DMV, and thusly, a parking permit.

Yay for VHS or Beta, one of the best live acts I've seen despite how lame they sound on CD.

Boo for the boys from Newark getting my car last night.

Yay for them not getting a goddamn thing out of my car except a broken CD player from under the passenger seat.

Boo for buying a new car window.

Yay for driving to work with plenty of ventilation.

Boo for still not having a fucking parking permit and walking by a few good spots every night on the way home.

Yay for Xbox karaoke.

Boo for this happening on the day that Pete and I planned on going to Don Hill's and trying that as our new angle.

Yay for Pom and blueberry Pom.

Boo for slow intarweb when trying to do work.

Yay for setting up my BBS doors as bbs.kingfox.org for now despite the lack of a real BBS beyond the doors.

Boo for old doors and BBS software trying to touch com ports when both the command line and the fossil driver says hands off.

Yay for CS.

Boo for probably having to put off getting a bed for another month.

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