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CS issues and ponderings

There's a vote coming down on CS. Well, it was posted at the end of January, and it was due up the first week of February. It passed. Well. Like six to two. The only two negative points were about making it seem like we don't trust people and the vote itself not being fully implimented. The vote's sat there for weeks..... As the creator of it, I know, I should have taken it down. I should have implimented the changes. But every single time I start to, something happens that makes it seem like I'd be reactionary to that event. I know that no matter when I bring the walls down, it'll look like it's in reaction to something. So I might as well just draft up a nice long preachy document and do it.

I've been saving my nice long preachy documents. Another admin, retired now, suggested that I save them for a website when all is said and done. Most I've lost, but a few I've saved. The long rant that caused the admin to go for toading zeek, the long missive about me pulling an unfair prank, I've saved a few good ones. I'm dreading that this long speech won't be as effective. This isn't directed against some problem. This isn't explaining my stance on something. This is the administration taking a radical new turn, much like the ways that Gregory wanted it to go.

So here I am, reading 'help ltand' and 'help ltand2' and trying to muster up the creative juices without pulling a Vertigo and going over the edge. I know certain parties who take everything way too seriously (like me) are going to overreact and assume this is a slap in their face. I know that some young saplings will think we're keeping them down for something they did, like the child of a divorce thinking that Mommy ran off with a suitcase because they spilled their milk. I know that some people are going to act like this never was said, and are going to have to be reminded. I know that I'm going to come across as an asshole. I'm getting used to that lately.

At least this little mini-drama keeps me active.

My boss assigned a project to me last week, I'm excited about getting something a little more technical to do. Every performance review I've gotten since I took this job has listed off 'finding a use for his technical skills' as something that I/we need to work on. It's a little database project, giving me a chance to whet my teeth with Access a bit more throroughly. He pointed out how beneficial this would be for me, as I apply for better positions within the department.

As a side effect, I'm being upgraded from this aging 266 that's served me well in the past two years of being a staff member. I'll be getting a quite sexy new desktop with tons of power and style. As if I need another reason to always be in my office until eight at night or so. Bah. I wonder if I can keep it on my desk, run FreeBSD out of it and maybe run a service or two to play around.

On that note, I really do need to get home. Well, not really. But I might as well.

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