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Who wants to live forever?

So I leave the condo after talking with Feff for a while, and hit ShopRite before heading into work. I listen to music, not bothering to check the traffic. Big mistake. Two major accidents along 287, still not cleared fully now at the end of the day. Three lanes closed at two different points, all major highways nearby backed up. What a mess. Tried a few side paths, and hit traffic each time I got near a major road again. Saw one of the accidents, a car flipped entirely onto its back, the front half completely smashed in. A few garbage bags were nearby the car, as police looked over the area.

I love limes. They need to make more limeade at various places. I've been so goddamn incredibly thirsty today, drinking tons of lemonade, Mountain Dew, and concentrated lime juice.

Going to see 'About a Boy' with the little lady tonight.

If I had to chose a special power, or if I could get a special power, it would definitely be immortality.

Yeah, call me an egomaniac, call me a self-righteous prick. Call me whatever you want. But I really would like to live forever. Sure, it has its downsides. As a recovering goth, I'm familiar with the trains of thought revolving around the vampiric being getting old and watching people close to them age and die. The difficulties of passing yourself off in modern society, faking your own death like any other immortal every couple of generations, leaving everything to your new identity, trying to avoid getting caught by red tape. I'm familiar with all of the warnings against immortality, but I'd really like to give it a whirl. Not just unaging, I've got to have a means to survive direct attacks as well. Not just GURPS immortality, but unaging as well. And with something to prevent the various nasty things you can do to an immortal. I mean, if someone tosses me into a volcano, I'm burning and unable to escape, in constant torment forever. So I'd need something like teleportation or a force field to work around that. Or the ability to transfer consciousness to other living cells, leaving some blood or something in a safe place just in case. Whatever method works.

Why? To serve my own ego? To stave off death? Nah. I just want to see how it all turns out.

How will postmodern western civilization be thought of a few hundred years from now? A few thousand years from now? Will we be pointed to as the Renaissance, and if so, what thought processes, inventions, or great works will be held up for students to memorize and write reports on? Will we be instead compared to the dark ages, a time of confusion and darkness? Will we be compared to the Roman empire, on its way out? Will we be revered like the ancient Greeks, with enlightened thinking well ahead of our time? I'd doubt the latter, but even the ancient Greeks had their scatological humor.

What works will exist a couple of generations or millennia from now? We still have the Beetles selling albums, but will they be listened to like Mozart for centuries? Many art pieces from centuries ago are still displayed today, but what modern artists will make it into the Louvre of 2800 AD? Take that out even further.... we have very few writings or art pieces from BC, what will survive two thousand years from this civilization? Will some ghostwritten mediocre Tom Clancy novel be the 'Beowulf' of our time, studied five thousand years from now as the only surviving text from a long-dead people?

The pyramids survived. What monuments of ours will survive the collapse of our civilization and a few thousand years of decay?

And that's just looking back. Looking forward, what will we see? What form of ending will we see? There was an article on /. a while back about twenty ways the world could end suddenly. So what finally gets us? A paradigm shift, us pulling the trigger, how do we go? Does Gabriel finally get his whistle wet enough to blow the horn? There was a conversation in a William Gibson short story I read a while ago, about how the world was supposed to end ages ago. There's a great quote by Charles Fort, "The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property." Do we survive the harvest? Who or what is pulling the strings, and does that ever get made public? What commonly accepted truths are revealed to be ballpark figures, and what wacko theories end up being correct? Star travel... do we get frozen sleep long voyages, hyperdrive, warp, or some form of gate that we must construct or discover first? Do we end up staying in Sol's gravity well for a few thousand years, or do we make the leap to a few other systems? What is art, language, entertainment, government, society, and all other aspects of life like over the next geological epoch?

I'm reminded of transdimensional TMNT, where time travel was done from coil to coil, as time itself is a coiled garden hose flowing. Jump back to the high age of privateers and pirates, back further to the plague, and so on. But the jumps forward were just wacky. First there's war, and mankind ends up sharing earth with a bunch of mutagen-created intelligent TMNT-like animals (a wackier world than rifts). After that, there's an AI-created menace that ends up wiping out pretty much all of life. There's some great cover art of one of these killing machines standing on a field of skulls. A bit over the top, but I loved it. After all the animals get wiped out, I think humans got taken up to some orbiting station. There's a whole bunch of subplots with Mars or Luna getting developed and dying out, and LEO being filled with junk. Anyway, after all is said and done, there's nothing but humans left on this pure pastoral technology-free planet. And we start evolving slowly over hundreds of years into various roles... the skinny tree-climbing humans, the fat docile grazing humans, and the creepy inhuman night-stalking carnivore predators. Eventually you can't go any further in time, and there's all sorts of hints at an evil force existing beyond that point.

So what does happen? What major paradigm shifts do we see? I'd just like to see how it all ends up.

Still have some paperwork to do, but I know I've gotta get going soon. Oh well.

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