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From: GSSFC (gssfc@aol.com)       Subject: GAFIA
Newsgroups: alt.fandom.cons       Date: 1997/03/11

For the purposes of email lists, smof convention mailings and anything else... If you need to contact Dan Kachoogian, please do so to this email addresss, otherwise, take me off your list(s) and do not expect to run into me at conventions or other organized fannish events, I've decided to Get Away From It All for a while, probably permanently.

It is not my intention to drag a psychodrama into this newsgroup, so please do not publicly respond to this message.

If you don't know what it's all about... I'm glad and have no desire to reiterate it for anyone's benefit... This car wreck will not be causing rubbernecking delays.. I have no desire to drum up support nor gather attention to myself. I'm just letting you all know I'm gone.

                    -Dan Kachoogian
                    Roselle Park, NJ

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