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Thank you - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
Thank you
To runstaverun and kikibird for the glasses last January.
To my ex for the corner etagere.
To hiphopatcong and runstaverun for helping me move.
To runstaverun for helping me get the TV in the car, and towelboy for getting it up the stairs.
To Joe, strawberrygal, and crew for the couch.
To hiphopatcong and his mother for the kitchen set.
To kikibird for help with the Ikea trip.

Without you, tonight would not have been possible.

Thank you to all those who came. Thanks for the many wonderful gifts, the great times, the great liquors and snacks, the fun conversations, the Sharpton pushing, and the piece of pie humor. Good fucking times.

Will recap the past two weeks later. Sleep is calling me. For having a party and dozens of people over, this place is really fucking clean. Civilized friends, eh? Except that despite having an apartment full of degrees, not one person could figure to jiggle a toilet. Oh well. Good times.

Thank you all. Rock on.

Feeling: thankful thankful
Listening to: Hoboken street noises

Chorus of 9 demons || Preach it
periol From: periol Date: October 12th, 2003 08:36 am (UTC) (Hard link)

good times

The party was a blast man. Really good people, a little dirt on kingfox that I didn't know, and just a grand ole shindig. Thanks.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: October 13th, 2003 08:12 am (UTC) (Hard link)

Hell yeah.

There is no dirt about me. I swear.

Thanks for telling us about the liquor place, and introducing us to Ibby's.
From: drunkinmunchkin Date: October 12th, 2003 01:23 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
i'm really sorry i couldn't make it.
i meant to change the evite but i was busy vomiting on someone's front steps for hours and hours.
i suck hardcore and i feel awful.

poo, just poo. i'm sorry, please forgive me and my stupid stupid self.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: November 10th, 2003 10:38 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
Next party, be there, or be a square. Indeed!
From: drunkinmunchkin Date: November 10th, 2003 11:40 pm (UTC) (Hard link)
it took you a long time to respond to my comment. and i shall def be there for the next party. word.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: November 11th, 2003 08:06 am (UTC) (Hard link)
Yeah, I realized last night that I missed many old comments, like a slacker.
From: drunkinmunchkin Date: November 11th, 2003 08:50 am (UTC) (Hard link)
and i thought you hated me. i can stop crying myself to sleep now.
kingfox From: kingfox Date: November 11th, 2003 08:54 am (UTC) (Hard link)


No hate here. No worries.
From: drunkinmunchkin Date: November 11th, 2003 05:05 pm (UTC) (Hard link)

Re: Pshaw

Chorus of 9 demons || Preach it